A Few Words About Us

My name is Kristy Gilbert and I have over 17 years of childcare experience.  My education / training consist of a Child Development Associate degree (CDA), Paths to Quality (Level 4: Highest level), and a National Accreditation from the National Association for Family Childcare. I am always expanding my knowledge of child development by furthering my training with classes, seminars, and other resources. If you have any questions or would like more information please call Kristy Gilbert, Director/Owner. (260)482-4108 or kristy@funchildcare.com


A+ Childcare is dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate environment for all children. We are committed to enriching children's lives socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically in an atmosphere that enhances creativity and self-confidence.


Every child is an individual who has his/her own rate of physical development and own pace of learning. Each child is accepted, loved, nurtured, and taught as an individual. Encourage and build each child’s imagination and creativity. Instill a sense of self-worth and encourage self -confidence. Provide activities and an environment that will nurture the child’s self-esteem. Above all else, do my best to have the child gain and keep a positive self-image. Every child is guided through the day with positive reinforcement in all activities, always encouraged to try again, and is never pressured into participation of any activity. Discipline is always handled on this belief: The child is a good person-it is his/her behavior that is unacceptable and needs guided to a more acceptable means of expression.

Parents are welcome to visit their child(ren) anytime during the day. I encourage parent involvement and participation, and I enjoy getting to know all of the parents.